I have been providing online solutions for years. My experience allows me to provide you with affordable, high quality products. Peer down below for a sneak peek of my Web Design Process.

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Host your domain, files or emails. No set up required, so no hassle on your end.

  • WebMail Access
  • POP/IMAP Inboxes
  • Analytics
  • + more

I start at $7.50/month and it only gets better from there!

WHAT TO EXPECT : The Web Design Process



I begin by taking notes and asking questions concerning your web design needs.

"Do you want PayPal or another e-commerce solution? No problem."
"What about a content management system such as Wordpress? Even better!"
"Do you have a community following? I'll append a forum for you"

What I gather in this stage will equip me with the information I need to draft viable web designs for you.



I will present you with web designs based on the information gathered from Brainstorming.

"Do you favour the single or full width design? Great choice!"
"You want your twitter feed here? No problem."
"Need me to design a logo? Of course I can."
"Don't like that shade? I'll brighten that up for you."

You will be in control of your own design. You become a designer when you choose to use Daykeem GFX.



During the course of this stage is where I will make your idea become a visual reality.

"Have extra content you want to add? You got it."
"Have questions regarding progress? Ask! But you may not need to... While I construct your masterpiece, you will receive regular updates by default."

I use powerful web development applications to write the markup and style sheets necessary to build your website.



This is the point when your website is ready to be accessed from virtually anywhere!

"You want a non-intrusive way to keep track of your visitors? Sure; analytics are readily available."
"Want to edit some content after launch? Easy stuff!"
"Need an e-mail to match your website? Coming right up."

After we launch, your job is done but mine is ongoing. I constantly maintain your site to ensure it is always operating fluidly.

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