It has been a pleasure these past few months to work with Akheem. He is mature beyond his years, and conducts his business affairs in ways that even the most experienced entrepreneur would envy. His enthusiasm is infectious, his desire to please his clients - admirable. Akheem is an up-and-comer and I would recommend his talents for all those looking to gain a foot-hold in the digital domain.

Anthony C - Writer,

Professional, is the adjective we would use to describe Akheem. Punctuality and responsiveness are traits we require in any contractor we sign with. These traits seem to be innate within him. In all, no complaints here.

Sherwin I - Director of Operations,

My experience with Akheem has been nothing short of fabulous. In past business ventures I have dealt with other graphic companies, and Daykeem GFX is 2nd to none of them. Akheem is prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, talented,, and open minded. I can honestly say that I have no desire to use another graphic designer in the future. I would recommend Daykeem GFX to any business person that requires a website or graphic design.

Kevin B - Author/Producer,

Akheem is a fantastic web designer. My website looks classy and it attracts a lot of attention. It’s evident that he loves what he does and that passion is reflected in the work he produces. Quite the polite fellow as well.

Eunice O - Jeweler,

I had another webmaster before I started working with Akheem and I couldn’t be happier I left [the other guy]. My old webmaster was slow and unresponsive; Akheem is just the opposite. During the first week the first day of service, Akheem provided me with fresh graphics that made my site more attractive. I would recommend Daykeem GFX because its owner provides low hosting rates and quick response to update requests.

Nigel I - Coach,

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